Cargo ship captain salary

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If you see comments in violation of our community guidelinesplease report them. Tregurtha, the longest ship on the Great Lakes. They call him "El Dirty. He's Chris Perkins, for those of you not on the boat. Perkins is officially the conveyorman on the longest freighter on the Great Lakes, spending hours in the bowels of the ship where the coal is stored. Perkins, 33, comes from the tiny town of Hillman in Michigan's northeastern lower peninsula. A slight man with a scruffy beard, he may be the filthiest crew member aboard the 1,foot Paul R.

Tregurtha, a coal-hauling freighter that spends most of its time between Wisconsin and Michigan. The Free Press spent a week aboard the boat ending Sunday, chronicling freighter life, watching how the men and women aboard earn their living. The cooks on board the Tregurtha don't even want Perkins in their galley until he scrubs his hands and arms up to the elbows, ridding himself of coal grime and black grease — or as much as possible.

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On another boat, the cook who dubbed Perkins "El Dirty" would hand him garbage bags to line his chair before he sat down to eat. Whether I was covered in cow poop or covered in grease working on tractors … I've grown up just being dirty.Captains oversee all functions aboard a seafaring vessel, says the U. Bureau of Labor. They make sure the boat is in working order, the navigation is on-course and the crew are following proper safety procedures.

They also handle communication with the captains of other ships and ensure the ship avoids obstacles in the water. A captain's annual salary depends on the type of ship he handles, the size of his crew and how many years he's been in the industry. As with most professions, experience plays a factor in how much money a captain can command.

Life on a Great Lakes freighter: Pay makes job worth it

The duration of a captain's duties depends on the type of vessel he commands. Supply vessels, for instance, can be at sea for a few hours or for weeks, says the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Extended trips at sea can last for weeks or months. Tug boats work constantly. Conditions are sometimes harsh and dangerous, causing a high turn-over rate among the crew members. Job opportunities are expected to increase from tosays the U.

The rise in offshore drilling sites and the increase in international trade will be responsible for the additional jobs. Cruise ships will also be a source of potential employment. Deep-sea expeditions are expected to maintain their current rate of employment.

Brooke Julia has been a writer since The ship image by Andrey Zagaynov from Fotolia. Share It. General Office About the Author. Photo Credits. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.A ship captain is the person in charge of everything that happens on a commercial boat, whether that vessel is involved in commercial freight work, passenger transport, or pleasure cruises for sightseeing or fishing.

On a boat of any commercial size, the captain typically supervises a crew and helps to ensure the seaworthy nature of the ship until it reaches its destination. Because of the dangers and damages that can result if a ship is mishandled, typically a ship captain is given extraordinar. For You. Start Salary Survey.

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cargo ship captain salary

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United States. Average Ship Captain Salary. What am I worth? Is Ship Captain your job title? Find out what you should be paid Use our tool to get a personalized report on your market worth. What's this? United States change. Profit Sharing. Total Pay. Ship Captain by. Tell us about your job and pay factors like skills and education.Becoming the captain of a ship can be an exciting and financially rewarding career. If you're captain of a large, ocean-going vessel, you get to travel and see places that others will never have the opportunity to experience.

The path to becoming a captain requires formal college-level training and years of experience, but the future is worth it. A ship captain commands various sizes of water vessels along with their crews. Captains navigate their boats and ships on the ocean, through rivers and in harbors.

cargo ship captain salary

Merchant ship captains are licensed by the U. Coast Guard and command large freighters that travel worldwide and small water taxis navigating inland rivers. A ship captain is responsible for everything on a commercial boat and is on call 24 hours a day.

On large ships, a captain may receive assistance from first, second and third mates who control the vessel and work in four-hour shift known as watches. Captains of large deep-sea vessels often spend several months away from home.

Students interested in this career can choose to enroll in the U. Merchant Marine Academy in New York or an approved state academy. Graduates will receive a Bachelor of Science degree specializing in marine transportation. The curriculum includes courses in ship construction, meteorology, navigation, radar, firefighting, cargo management and maritime law. Because captains are always on call, their salaries are not based on a hour work week. Captains are paid a fixed wage for each day they work.

The most important requirement for a ship captain is experience. Many applicants start out working on ships at an early age. A captain's license is based on his experience and training on the water. Captains of small boats are not allowed to take command of large ships without receiving more advanced testing and licensing. They need at least seven years of on-the-job training, and must have previously served as a licensed mate for several years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 9 percent growth rate in all categories of merchant ship captains from to Captain positions for inland water transportation will grow by 18 percent, while demand for deep-sea, coastal and great lakes captains will grow 6 percent.

Employment for scenic and sightseeing transportation is projected to grow 11 percent. Captains of boats and ships have a variety of opportunities for the lifestyle they choose.

They can become captain of deep-sea vessels and see the world, but they will be away from home for months at a time.

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Or they can work the inland waterways and be closer to home. Whatever the choice, boat captains have huge responsibilities for passengers and crew. James Woodruff has been a management consultant to more than 1, small businesses.

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As a senior management consultant and owner, he used his technical expertise to conduct an analysis of a company's operational, financial and business management issues. James has been writing business and finance related topics for work.

cargo ship captain salary

Skip to main content. About the Author James Woodruff has been a management consultant to more than 1, small businesses. Woodruff, Jim. Work - Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.A merchant marine captain has the best view on the ship. Steering cargo through a sea of natural beauty and sometimes choppy waters, a ship captain is focused on safety and navigating to the next port of call.

A ship captain must be experienced in all aspects of marine transportation and must have extensive experience at sea. Serving the ship, a merchant marine captain must preserve order and must ensure that the crew works together like a well-oiled machine.

A ship captain salary varies, based upon the size of the ship and the cargo.

cargo ship captain salary

A merchant marine salary is earned only six months of the year. Large cargo liners have two captains on board, and each one works to hour days. Serving as a floating city, the captain must supervise as many as 27 crew, and must oversee the safe passage of important cargo.

If a crew member becomes ill at sea, the captain must provide intermediate care, until the ship reaches port.

This could take days, given that a ship is out to sea for seven to 10 weeks at a time. Volatile weather and piracy are two of the most important safety concerns of a ship captain. Some routes for cargo ships may have pirates in the region that are eager to seize the cargo and kidnap the crew for ransom.

The ship captain must be vigilant to ensure the safety of the ship and crew. Navigation and managing mechanical problems fall under the purview of this position.

When a ship arrives in port, a captain may have between eight and 24 hours to unload the cargo. This can extend the work day to 24 hours. In addition, most ports require extensive paperwork to ensure that immigration and health declarations are in order. Becoming a ship captain of a large cargo liner requires extensive experience and training. Most captains have a college education in marine transportation or in a related degree.

In addition to classroom learning, marine transportation programs include an internship at sea that lasts for one year. Classes include marine engineering, nautical science, intermodal management, naval science and maritime business management.

Licensing to become a ship captain includes the Transportation Worker Identification Credential exam and the Merchant Marine Credential test. These licensing exams are mandated by the U. Coast Guard, but are usually incorporated into the college program. Ship captains are needed to move a variety of cargo around the world.

Serving as a master of a domestic barge will not provide the ship captain with the same salary as that of a liner sailing in international waters. Most voyages last for 10 weeks, and captains generally work six months out of the year. A ship captain salary varies based upon the assigned voyage, cargo and ship size.

Experience is key to landing a job as a merchant marine captain. Some ship captains find their way by serving in the military, before working for a civilian line.

You can expect an 8 percent increase in ship captain jobs between now and Job opportunities for ship captains are scheduled to rise by 8 percent between now and Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi and Louisiana have the highest number of positions available for this job.She is also 7th among the female candidates.

She is from general category. She scored She was a Kendriya Vidyalaya product. Will you please be kind enough to guide me about her choice and availability of B. I want to join carnival cruise line. Madam My rank oiler. I like to join passengers vessels.

Where are you receiving your salary information? Also, what country are you from? My self jithin. And i have Indian CDC. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Article about cruise ship salary. Job on cruise ships is adventures, demanding and better paid. But that is not a general case. Will do navigation work on cruise ships.

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Related Articles. Shipping Industry. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Cruise ship captains do not just pilot boats.

Latest Cruise Ship Salary For Officers and Ratings

In fact, they are more like the chief executive officer of a medium-sized company, responsible for the enjoyment and safety of thousands of passengers and crew.

A captain who masters his craft is skilled in many areas. He is a nautical expert, decision-maker, leader, legal expert, personnel manager, administrator, cargo specialist and mediator. Luckily, he is also paid handsomely for ensuring the ship sails smoothly at all times. A cruise ship captain is a licensed mariner with ultimate operation of the ship.

He is also responsible for the transportation of the ship's passengers and cargo — which could be many thousands of people — acting as final authority for everyone on board. The job is extremely varied. Day-to-day, the captain could be handling some or all of the following tasks:. Cruise ship captains must complete a four-year program at a Coast Guard approved merchant marine academy. The program provides a foundation in mathematics, science and marine science, alongside specialized sea training and practical maritime operations.

He or she will also need work experience, with many ship captains putting in thousands of hours as a deck officer before working their way up to the position of captain.

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Licensing is required for these professionals. The relevant credential is called the Transportation Worker Identification and Merchant Mariner credential from the U. Coast Guard. You'll have to pass vision and hearing exams and a drug screening, as well as a character reference check.

You might also need certification from the Department of Homeland Security to be eligible for this job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not keep data specifically for cruise ship captains. The median is the salary in the middle, meaning half of captains earn more than this amount. For cruise ship captains who hold the safety of thousands of passengers in their hands, you can expect salaries to be much higher. The cruise captain's job takes place on a cruise ship, but he is unlikely to be at sea for days of the year.

Most captains work two months on, two months off, or a similar pattern depending on the length of the cruise.

This Third Officer Docks His First MSC Oscar in Harsh Conditions

It takes many years of hard work to become a cruise ship captain. The payoff is a salary that starts high and rises fairly consistently with time and experience. A typical salary trajectory may look like this:. There should be plenty of opportunities for cruise ship captains in the coming years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of jobs for captains of all water vessels including cruise ships will rise by 9 percent by the year This solid rate of growth is due to an increase in tourism.

On the downside, going on a cruise is a luxury that most people have to save for. If personal wealth tanks, then people will have less disposable income to spend on cruise vacations. For that reason, the job outlook primarily depends on the state of the economy. The Salary of a Cruise Ship Captain.

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